Since 1996 we have established contacts with a lot of people, in many countries. These contacts are aimed at developing co-operation in order to fill basic needs. They became personal and friendly contacts in a business setting.
QUEBEXPORT's role is helping to establish a little more balance in all transactions while offering products, services and technology. We will also introduce artists and their work and a little history of industries in Quebec.
QUEBEXPORT has its roots in a corner of the province of Quebec which is called Beauce. It has partners in the Eastern Townships, the Gaspesian area, the Laurentians, the Saguenay Lac St-Jean as well as in Montreal and Quebec.
This site will be primarily dedicated to construction products and components. Latin America is our principal marketing target. Very close relations are established between Venezuela, Chile and Brazil.
Some factors are supporting collaboration between our countries. The right distribution of the planet's goods can be carried out, thanks to an open-mindedness, a friendly collaboration and a fair remuneration of a friendly collaboration and the fair, balanced deals that QUEBEXPORT proposes to you.
This site is under development and is open to all collaborators. It is easy to join us. The results will be proportional to your participation. You can submit your suggestions to: .
You are Welcome to join us ! 
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